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KOSO og KOSO CLUB presenterer

Anana, lilleStine, SVANI, Solda

  • 07 apr.
  • CC: 150,-
  • Konsertstart: 21:00
  • Dør: 21:00
Kun dørsalg

"In Norway, women represent less than 5% of all music producers and sound engineers, and KOSO want to change that. Inspired by US label Unspeakable Records and female: pressure, KOSO plans to create an environment for female producers and artists, and be a role model for others who want to do the same. "

Fantastiske KOSO og KOSO CLUB kommer endelig til Bergen, og presenterer en helaften på Hulen. Plateselskapet og klubbkvelden fra Oslo tar opp kampen om kjønnsbalanse i musikkindustrien.
De representerer et trygt sted for kvinner å utvikle seg i sine egne kunstformer, samt produsere gode samarbeid kvinner imellom.
Med seg tar de to artister som pusher grensene for hva pop og rap er og bør være, samt to av Norges mest profilerte djer om dagen.

Før etter og mellom KOSO-gjengen fylles hulen til randen av musikk fra jentene i Konsept X.
Bergens-kollektivet har det siste året virkelig begynt å sette sitt preg på Bergen, med utallige gigs over hele byn. Følg med, for denne gjengen kommer du til å høre mer om i 2018.

Anana (Anniken Jess Iversen) is an artist, and producer from the small island, Nøtterøy, on the east coast of Norway. Currently based in Oslo, the NTNU Music Technology Graduate is recognised for bringing "Underwater Pop" to the surface, a brand new genre within the electronic pop landscape. She has gotten worldwide acclaim for her original, technical and uncompromising style, and The Line of Best fit has described her digitally composed music as something that"(...)feels crafted by nature, a shape carved from ice now slowly melting as shafts of light touch upon it and take advantage of this mutable, ever-changing thing".

lilleStine (Stine Wingsternes) is an artist and writer born and raised on the Norwegian west coast. She grew up in the countryside, spending her time working with music. Her lyrics are reflective and poetic and complements her rapping in her own native tongue.
As well as working with her debut EP as lilleStine, she’s a member of the rap group Norsk Tiger. Since 2012 they have released six singles and two albums.
Her first single “Alle Vet” was playlisted by Spotify as one of the best Norwegian releases of 2016. The single “Jeg Lover Deg” released 27th of January 2017 and is her second single.

SVANI is one of the most interesting DJ & producers that Norway has to offer these days. Recently she made her debut at Boiler Room London and got a little shine from The Fader for her fast-pacing set. She's been playing at clubs in London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Milano, Helsinki, Netherlands and of course Oslo where she recently warmed up for Cashmere Cat. SVANI made bubbling mixes for among Truants, RinseFM, TripleJ and Thump and have been praised by Resident Advisor and Nest HQ with her eclectic blend of R&B, hip-hop, dancehall, kuduro og dembow. She’s even released songs through LA-based Unspeakable Records, Classical Trax and the label HTS and run a club night in Oslo with KOSO CLUB. Be ready for what TRUANTS describes as a"special kind of club vibe that makes you smile and nod to your friends before stupidly punching the air in joy».


SOLDAL is a Norwegian DJ, raised in the town of blues and black metal. She’s been DJing more than a hundred gigs on some of the most influential venues in Norway, as well as gigs in Copenhagen, Paris and Berlin. As a DJ she is known for her connection with the crowd while playing rhythmic house and bassdriven music. Soldal
is co-founder of the femme focused creative collective KOSO and the club concept KOSOCLUB. She has played alongside artists like Zora Jones, Mike Q, Total Freedom, Kingdom, SVANI Ida Dillan, Purpurrpurple, Slick Shoota, Bill Kouglas, Zakmatic, Ballo, Hi Tom (Rytmeklubben), collaborated with dancers from MERAKI voguing and made clubbing mixes for the renowned American record label Mad Decent / Good Enuff, Rinse France and Comeme to mention a few.

Konsept [X] is a music collective established in Bergen the summer of 2017. The collective consists of people who are passionate about music and are working towards a diverse and balanced music and culture scene. We are a non-profit organization with the mission to be an inclusive arena for people who are interested in expressing themselves through music and other cultural endeavors