Outer Limit Lotus 2018

Outer Limit Lotus + Heather

  • 28 feb.
  • CC: 175,- studentpris: 150,-
  • Konsertstart: 21:00
  • Dør: 21:00
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This is Outer Limit Lotus.

Drowned in reverb, constant dual vocals sketch paranoid, nightmare-ish hallucinations from a world on its way down. Cold spaghetti guitars are accompanied by an controlled, off-kilter rhythm section. This, packed into a open, psychedelic soundscape, is the essence of Outer Limit Lotus.
During 2016 and 2017 the band has established a solid live reputation, with trance-like, ritual performances of their unique music. Since the release of the EP Cruising The Old World in 2016, The band has played with bands like Tuxedomoon, Sheer Mag and Marching Church. In 2017 the band released the 8 minute epic single Into The Beat, and October 26th will be the release of their full-length debut Lotus Eaters.
The music video for Everything Ends Too Soon, the first single from Lotus Eaters was premiered at Altcitizen.com with praise like «It’s true. The Norweigan death rock band Outer Limit Lotus, is something entirely new. (...) It’s haunting and ghostly, as the band sings about lost memories and opportunities, futures that will never happen. (…) Outer Limit Lotus probably will be a cult classic, but this video proves that they should be more than that. They are on their way to becoming classic. Period.”

For fans of: The Cure, The Gun Club and Christian Death.